It's How You Finish.

AFFLUENT is a New York City based apparel company founded by two friends growing up in the diverse streets of Washington Heights in uptown Manhattan. Growing up, the fashion and underground street culture had a profound impression on them. They decided to introduce a brand that comprised of the elegance and sophistication of the fashion and design scene, without compromising the exclusive/underground nature of street art. The founders decided to create a brand that would appeal to and relate to street culture, as well as the activities and influences they loved as kids. Combining street art, graffiti and street skateboarding, they envisioned a brand that would embody struggle, competitiveness, perseverance, determination and ultimately SUCCESS!
#wetwallswdnesday #affluentfamilia #affluentlife #dyckmancity #weouthere #yatusabe #nyc  (Taken with Instagram)

#wetwallswdnesday #affluentfamilia #affluentlife #dyckmancity #weouthere #yatusabe #nyc (Taken with Instagram)

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